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3 Easy Tips to Get Her in the Mood

Nearly every man out there wants to know how to excite their partner.  Now while women don’t have an on/off switch to get them in the mood, there certainly more productive ways of getting a woman all hot and bothered.  Whether the two of you just met or have been together for a number of years, these tips should help you get your girl worked up.

Try Not to Get Too Aggressive

When you see her in front of you looking as sexy as ever it’s hard not touch her.  However, overly grabby moves usually won’t endear you to her.  Starting too hot and heavy may put her on her guard and that’s the last thing anyone wants.  Instead try a light touch, either on her shoulder or face. It’s more of a tender act and it’s usually better to take things slower and let the excitement ramp up.

Whisper in Her Ear

Romantic movies and gestures appeal to most women and this one is a tried and true method. By whispering into her ear, the closeness of your body and the sound of her voice is likely to put a smile on her face, among other things. This works especially well with compliments. Even it’s something as simple as “You look beautiful today” the act of whispering add weight. This intimate act is sure to get her engines running.

Check in With How She’s Feeling

Communication is king. When the nights activities are working up, it’s always a good idea to check in and ask if she’s enjoying it. No says you should constantly be asking “Are you ok?” but the mindful question here are there will be appreciated. It’s a sign that you respect her and care about her comfort level.  And nearly everyone want respect.

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