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2018 Turnover Sideline Swag

Teams wanting to force more turnover is nothing new football. The Miami Hurricanes took it to a new level when they broke out the Turnover Chain. The five-and-a-half pounds of thick, gold, Cuban-link chain and a giant “U” festooned with hundreds of tiny orange and green sapphire stones became one of the stories of the year.

Who was going to be the next player to wear the chain? Miami ended the season with over 35 turnovers. While sparking a new wave of turnover swag, let’s take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Turnover Chain Vol. 2

There were rumors that Miami would pull out a new turnover chain. If this leaked image is real, the Canes might hit it out of the park. Though the first turnover chain is iconic, the studded Ibis is another throwback of the great Canes teams.

Boise State Turnover Throne

After players get a turnover with Boise State players can sit on a turnover throne. Just the facepalm, can we please sign a petition for them to go back to the belt.

Tulane Mardi Gras Beads

Tulane decided to do their own version with of the Turnover chain. The Green Wave will get turnover beads to celebrate a takeaway.

But I guess anything is better than the turnover trash can from Tennessee.

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