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2018 NBA All-Star Game Predictions Vol. 2



Giannis Antetokounmpo currently leads all NBA players in votes for this season’s All-Star Game, ahead of LeBron James. There’s still plenty of time left for that to change with fan voting not ending until Jan. 15. Lebron James is fully expected to leap Giannis by the end of the voting. But don’t feel bad Giannis still currently have more votes than Kevin Durant.

Under the revamped format, two captains will draft the 2018 All-Star teams from the pool of players voted as starters and reserves, making selections without regard for conference affiliation.  The captains will be the All-Star starter from each conference who receives the most fan votes in his conference.

So based on the votes right now we would have Team Lebron vs Team Giannis.


Captain: Lebron James-856,080 

Lebron has one of the highest NBA IQs, we doubt that he would make a lot of emotional decisions when it comes to drafting a team. He has made it to eight straight NBA finals with the right complementary players around him. We expect James to have the same mindset with his draft.

1st Pick-Kevin Durant-767,402

THERE IS NO WAY, Kevin Durant wouldn’t be the 1st pick if he wasn’t a captain. PERIOD THE END.

2nd Pick-James Harden-602,040

Lebron James can run the floor at the point, so there is no big need at this point for the 1 spot. Harden has finished second in the NBA MVP race for the last 2 years. He is the best scoring 2 guard in the league with range and can get to the basket. Plus with Lebron like to be surrounded by shooters and Harden is one of the best in the game.

3rd Pick-Russell Westbrook-438,469

Picking up the human triple-double machine and reigning MVP Russell Westbrook would be a steal at this point. Westbrook is averaging 25 points, 10 assists, and 10 boards.

4th Pick-Joell Embiid – 433,161

This was a toss-up between Joell Embiid and Demarcus Cousins. Even with the league going to “positionless” basketball both players continue to dominate in the paint and can do it all. But this pick is more about personality over talent. Embiid has been one of the best stories in the NBA from his constant trolling of opposing players to his fun-loving antics off the court.

Reserves:  Klay Thompson, DeMarcus Cousins, Carmelo Anthony, DeAndre Jordan, and Damien Lillard top the list of reserves.


Captian: Giannis-863,416

In a recent interview with ESPN Antetokounmpo stated that he would pick his Bucks teammates first. “So, first of all, if my teammates aren’t available — I’m going with my teammates — I’d gotta go with LeBron James.” said Antetokounmpo.

Giannis is the only player on the Bucks team, so it would be hard to imagine that he would pass on the other talented players available. Plus we are pretty sure behind closed doors the NBA will let the captains know that they are not allowed to do anything like that, so don’t panic.

1st Pick Steph Curry-735,115

Curry is getting back to his MVP form after returning from his ankle injury. Curry scored 45 points in 3 quarters against the Clippers. It would be hard to imagine any Captain not wanting Curry’s firepower on their team. Plus with Lebron picking Durant, Giannis would be in Desperate need of Curry’s services.

2nd Pick-Anthony Davis-393,000

Anthony Davis is the best big in the league. Davis is averaging 25.6 points and 11.0 rebounds this season, before the ankle injury. This would be a smart move for Giannis to go scoring and defensive ability with the frontcourt. Davis and Giannis would be a good matchup against KD and Lebron down low.


3rd Pick-Kawhi Leonard-212,650

The former Defensive Player of the Year Kawhi Leonard would be a great pick up for the 3 spot. Kawhi can defend any position similar to Lebron James and get buckets at will.

4th Pick-Kyrie Irving-802,834

Kyrie is having a banner with the Celtics. Even with the loss of Gordon Hayward, Irving has made Boston one of the strongest teams in the NBA, not just the East. Kyrie is averaging 25 points and would be a solid pick for the 2 spot.


Reserves: Paul George, Jimmy Butler, Draymond Green, John Wall, DeMar DeRozan,  Kemba Walker, Paul Millsap,

Let us know who you would draft to the starting five for the NBA All Star Game.


Lebron James Is Not A Fan Of Proposed Playoff Changes



The NBA has been tinkering with some of the long-standing traditions in the league. The league changed the All-Star game to draft format allowing players on teams no matter the conference. Rumor also has the league thinking about some playoff changes included a top 16 format or a play in-game.

Lebron James is not trying to hear any of that. “No, no, no,” James said Wednesday. “That’s wack. That’s wack. Why? You got to earn your spot to be in the postseason. No consolation for finishing last. That’s corny. That’s corny. That’s wack. To play for what? What are they playing for?”

“[Make the playoffs by winning the tournament], even if my record is better than yours? Nah, that’s wack,” James said.

James wants the playoffs to stay as is. The best teams for each conference with winning conference records getting into the playoffs.

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Saquon Barkley Decided To Skip His Pro Day For The Right Reason



Saquon Barkley knows that most NFL scouts and teams value him as the best player in the draft. Even though Barkley believed he didn’t perform well at the NFL Combine, the running back pulled off an incredible move. The Penn State alumn decided to forgo the Pro Day workout.

“A lot of people think I did really well at the combine, and I can’t complain with the numbers I put up at the combine, but they weren’t my best. I really truly do believe I could’ve done better, but the combine is the combine. I wanted to go out there and do the best I can and represent my school, but now I’m just excited to get to the next level. I’m done running with a shirt off. I’m ready to put pads on.”

This is something you normally see happen if the player is hurt or a quarterback. But for Barkley, he’s neither. Why hurt your draft stock with bad performance or worst hurt yourself for free.

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Richard Sherman Opens Up About Negotiating His Own Contract Without An Agent



Richard Sherman pulled off a rare feat when he signed his deal with the 49ers. The former Seattle Seahawk decided to do the deal without an agent. That move drew a lot of criticism from former players to agents, but for Sherman it was the right move.

“It was really important to me,” said Sherman. “I think that a lot of times in our league there are players that have the ability to do that and have the ability to structure their own deals and really take advantage of just being in control of their own destiny.”

“There are great agents in our game that take care of our players, make sure our players are ready for life after football, their finances, whatever the case may be. And then there are some agents who negotiate a deal in 2006 and don’t talk to their client again until 2010, and that’s the thing we’re trying to avoid and I’m trying to avoid.

“I didn’t feel like I needed an agent. I felt like I knew contracts well enough and I felt like coming off the Achilles [injury], there’s going to be negotiation points, there’s going to be give and takes on both sides, and I felt comfortable with that.”

“The thing I’m most frustrated about,” Sherman said, “is all the people that were so high on bashing this deal refused to bash the agents that do awful deals every year. There are agents out there that are doing $3 million, fully guaranteed deals that look like $50 million deals. When the guy gets cut after two weeks or a year and only makes $5 million off of a $50 million contract, nobody sits there and bashes the agent … I mean the kid from Philly [Nigel Bradham], it’s a one-year, $6 million deal, but to everybody else it’s a $40 million deal. Because nobody’s paying attention to these agents and their deals.”

Most of the people that are complaining about his deal are outside of the walls trying to look in. Sherman broke down some of the numbers in his article posted on the The Players’ Tribune.


Under my previous contract with Seattle, I had no guaranteed money for 2018. In my new deal with the 49ers, I get a guaranteed $3 million signing bonus right off the bat and another $2 million if I pass a physical before November 11 … $5 million for just signing the contract and passing a physical is a big win for me. …

So on top of my signing bonus and my $2 million base salary for 2018, we put incentives in the contract that will pay me more depending on how much I play — on both a per-game basis and a percentage of defensive snaps — as well whether or not I make the Pro Bowl or the All-Pro team. All in all, including my signing bonus, I could earn as much as $13 million for 2018.

In the words of Jay-Z “Financial freedom is your only hope/Fuck livin’ rich and dyin’ broke.” That’s what a lot athletes are doing because an agent negotiated a bad deal or getting a high ass pay cut.

Sherman cut out the middle man and placed a bet on himself. At the end of the day, it’s his money. If it pans out he will be able to keep all it.

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